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Paleo Spring Breakfast Salad >

On 04.20.2016 by Lindsay Livingston, RD

From gluten-free to paleo to ketogenic, there’s no shortage of diets out there for people to follow. While there are some similarities between diets, there are also some major differences and as a Registered Dietitian, I believe they all have their pros and cons. It seems, however, no matter how you choose to eat, most people would agree that we should all be eating more vegetables! Rich in fiber and nutrients, they’re a great addition to most diets. For most, it’s easy to add veggies to meals later in the day, like lunch and dinner, but many people overlook the opportunity to add vegetables to breakfast! Enter this breakfast salad! Yes, this is a salad in the traditional sense of the word because it’s full Read More >

Eat Right With Color: California Niçoise Salad >

On 03.28.2011 by Chantel Arsenault

Now that we have given tips for hard-boiling and peeling eggs, here is an idea on how to use them. The Safest Choice™ California Niçoise Salad (sounds like nee-swahz) is a nutritional powerhouse that uses lots of hard-boiled eggs and vegetables. All of the colorful vegetables make this low sodium, high fiber salad beautiful to look at and good for you. The arugula, one of the most nutritious salad greens, is full of vitamins (A, C, K and B6) and minerals (calcium and iron). Not only is it rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber like other leafy vegetables but it is also packed with disease-preventing antioxidants. Green beans are high in fiber, contain over 10 necessary minerals (phosphorus, calcium and magnesium), and are loaded with Read More >