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Two Safe Eggs a Day – End of Week Seven >

On 03.22.2011 by Jay Berglind

Lingering around the two pounds a week mark which is a rate I kinda feel good about. Half a year, half a person. What’s going on during week seven? •  Reduced alcohol intake considerably. It feels weird sitting in first class and not having a drink – I mean an upgrade is something to celebrate – and even the flight attendants think it’s a little odd. Enablers. •  The early part of the day is great but late in the day I struggle. Around 4 p.m. I am looking for something to eat and fruit won’t do. I was eating trail mix but eating kilos of it. So I need a better solution. •  And after dinner I crave something either alcoholic or sweet or Read More >

RD’s Perspective – Two Safe Eggs a Day >

On 03.18.2011 by Debbie Campbell, RD, LD

Safest Choice™ is pleased to feature Debbie Campbell’s expert insights as part of Jay’s Two Safe Eggs a Day Weight Loss blog series. The National Nutrition Month's theme is "Eat Right With Color."  We’ve probably heard (mostly from our moms!) to “eat your fruits and vegetables�?.  This is terrific advice, and it actually improves overall nutrition and health.  Fruits and veggies have powerful phytonutrients (read “plant compounds�?) which can help to prevent poor health and may even reverse some conditions, especially high blood pressure, heart disease, Type II diabetes, and even macular degeneration. The results are incredible.  In Jay’s case, eating these foods can improve those nasty hunger levels, which may lead to over-eating. Try these colorful foods for overall better nutrition and aim for Read More >

Two Safe Eggs a Day – End of Week Six >

On 03.13.2011 by Jay Berglind

Whoops, I missed a week.  Sorry but I was busy, you know, being really important. The usual with travel and lots of meals out, but less alcohol and more exercise. Being more active in week six A brief word about exercise: stultifying and bothersome. Okay, that’s three words and only one was brief.  But I don’t particularly care for exercising. As a kid I played sports a lot and managed to attain below average competence in several of them. Sports kept me more or less in shape into my 30's. But over the last several years, sports have had an ever diminishing role in keeping me in shape. First off, there is injury. I get hurt more easily and more often. The pain is no Read More >

Two Safe Eggs a Day – A Registered Dietitian’s Perspective >

On 03.09.2011 by Debbie Campbell, RD, LD

Safest Choice™ is pleased to feature Debbie Campbell’s expert insights as part of Jay’s Two Safe Eggs a Day Weight Loss blog series. It is very timely to begin my blog comments with recognition of National Registered Dietitian Day, today Wednesday, March 9, 2011. Registered Dietitian Day Registered Dietitian Day was created by the American Dietetic Association (ADA) to increase the awareness of Registered Dietitians as the indispensable providers of food and nutrition services and to recognize RDs for their commitment to helping people enjoy healthy lives. Registered Dietitians are the most valuable and credible source of timely, science-based food and nutrition information. Registered Dietitians are the food and nutrition experts who can translate the science of nutrition into practical solutions for healthy living. They Read More >

Two Safe Eggs a Day: One Month Down >

On 02.23.2011 by Jay Berglind

Due to traveling all week I didn’t make it back to my scale until Saturday; which is okay because it coincides with the end of the first month. I’ll share my progress below, but first this week’s episode I’ll call, Backslide City. The good and the bad of the first month The good: Almost everything that happened early in the day. Two eggs and fruit through the mornings. Brought eggs with me on the plane, a constant source of amazement for TSA (“Why would someone carry eggs on a plane? Fascinating!"). I got regular exercise in, though on Monday it came in the form of a mediocre walk/run on a treadmill that was about to fall apart (I think it was a somebody's school project, Read More >

Two Safe Eggs a Day – End of Week Three >

On 02.11.2011 by Jay Berglind

A little less than two pounds down. I only worked out twice but burned more than 400 calories both times. I guess that’s something since I was traveling - Boston, New Jersey and Minneapolis. How I managed while traveling I actually took a dozen eggs with me on the road and bought orange juice as needed to do my egg and oj drink; one glass early morning, one late morning. For lunch I mostly ate at Panera. The combo soup and salad wasn’t enough food before but is now. I had a business dinner on Tuesday night: seared tuna, a little rice, a couple martinis, no dessert. I had a nice time and was proud of my discipline. That’s the good news. However…Then it was Read More >

Two Safe Eggs a Day – Coming Clean >

On 02.09.2011 by Jay Berglind

I have a confession. I have had success with weight loss in the past with some simple rules; my corrupted versions of South Beach or the Atkins diets. I took off 30 pounds over a couple of years, before the great expansion of 2010. My corrupted diet rules Besides avoiding starches I stopped eating fast food (especially French fries), and artificially sweetened and/or carbonated beverages. These are reasonable things but I had my own idiosyncrasies that helped me get through: No breakfasts – just Orange juice, and A LOT of orange juice –  up to 6 glasses  in a day sometimes. I could eat any portion I liked – 5 pork chops? OK! Trail mix or nuts, whenever, as much as I wanted. I traded Read More >

Two Safe Eggs a Day – End of Week Two >

On 02.02.2011 by Jay Berglind

Two pounds down. Pants no longer hurt. I am having an egg whipped into orange juice every morning. This wasn’t part of the plan (I figured I would cook the eggs or make a protein shake) but it is so easy and the taste doesn’t even require getting used to. My go-to meals Safest Choice eggs don't have any off flavors because the pasteurization process destroys spoilage bacteria. Please try it. As long as you whip the egg good with a fork you won’t have the dreaded oyster effect. Of course, it has to be a pasteurized egg. I'm now bored with salads, but have discovered a lunch alternative: soups in those aseptic cartons, my current favorite's are from Pacific Natural Foods. The carton contains Read More >

Two Safe Eggs a Day – Days Nine & Eleven >

On 01.30.2011 by Jay Berglind

I traveled most of the week -  Florida, Michigan, Texas and Minnesota -  but had a decent level of discipline. Sticking to the plan Three times  this week I had Panera breakfast sandwiches with double the eggs, throw away the bread. Salads for lunch, and meat and veggies for dinner. I controlled my portions okay. I got bumped to first class twice but stuck with either red wine or gin and tonics. I did dodge a bullet -  was in Florida but got out of town before Chip got me on the martini roller coaster. One of the keys to staying on the program is that when I do have a transgression, I blame it on somebody else. So if I had drank too much Read More >

Two Eggs a Day – End of Week One >

On 01.28.2011 by Jay Berglind

Sunday through Wednesday went pretty well. Meals were good and what little snacking I did involved fruit and nuts. My portions at dinner are good, but are starting to fall below Fred Flintstone levels... EXCEPT a couple of chocolate truffles at work late in the day Tuesday. Dense, rich, complex. Truly, evilly, spectacular. I’ll post the name of the manufacturer if you aren’t good. There’s an unopened box in our office; let’s see how long I last. Here’s the scale Wednesday morning. Sorry for the resolution – it was 4 am and the house was dark and I am not so good with my camera phone. Six pounds down. Not bad for a holiday week; admittedly still working to burn off the effects of the Read More >