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Personalized Chocolate Chambord Truffles >

On 02.06.2015 by Chris Cockren

It's February.  And I didn't even need to pay any attention to the frigid temperatures or piles of snow on the ground here in NY to figure it out.  Nope, all I have to do is take one step in any store and I'm plastered with heart shaped boxes filled with mediocre (at best) filled chocolates, overpriced roses, and a general overload of anything red and pink.  Hello Valentine's Day. And attention all my guys in the room.  Sure, we could just take the easy way out and grab one of those $9.99 boxes of chocolate and quickly pick out one of the few Valentine's Day cards left on the shelves (because, duh, of course we waited until the very last minute to secure said card), but that Read More >

Nothing says I love you like…Buttermilk Bacon Waffles >

On 02.06.2013 by Chef Louise Mellor

Forget the bouquet of flowers, it’s so cliché. Do away with that heart shaped box of chocolates. She will love you now and hate you later when the box is empty and she can’t zip her dress. Lastly, don’t even think about that wide-eyed stuffed teddy bear cuddling a heart, what are you thinking? We are not in high school and drugstore gifts just won’t do. Let me help you out with a full proof Valentine’s Day plan. I’m a seasoned professional, a Love Doctor if you will, a certified romance expert … in the kitchen that is.  I have the perfect, no-fail, get out of jail free, Valentine’s Day plan.   Step #1 - Do not wait until Valentine’s Day night to let your sweetie know you Read More >

Memories of Childhood……Licking the Brownie Batter Bowl! >

On 02.14.2011 by Vanessa Nunley

We’re pleased to share a post from More is More Mom, Vanessa Nunley. As the More is More Mom®, I’m all about………more lickin’ the brownie batter bowl! When we were married, Chuck and I received a lovely cake plate and dome as a wedding gift. For nearly 21 years, it has found a home in our kitchen; on the island, the table or the counter, and I always keep it filled with tasty and delicious baked goods. Over the years, our family has so enjoyed the memories made from sharing these treats that I now frequently present newlyweds with a cake plate and dome of their very own. Amanda has always been a wonderful mother’s helper. In fact, I’m pretty sure she’s perfectly capable of Read More >