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Two Safe Eggs a Day – End of Week Two >

On 02.02.2011 by Jay Berglind

Two pounds down. Pants no longer hurt. I am having an egg whipped into orange juice every morning. This wasn’t part of the plan (I figured I would cook the eggs or make a protein shake) but it is so easy and the taste doesn’t even require getting used to. My go-to meals Safest Choice eggs don't have any off flavors because the pasteurization process destroys spoilage bacteria. Please try it. As long as you whip the egg good with a fork you won’t have the dreaded oyster effect. Of course, it has to be a pasteurized egg. I'm now bored with salads, but have discovered a lunch alternative: soups in those aseptic cartons, my current favorite's are from Pacific Natural Foods. The carton contains Read More >

Two Safe Eggs a Day – Days Nine & Eleven >

On 01.30.2011 by Jay Berglind

I traveled most of the week -  Florida, Michigan, Texas and Minnesota -  but had a decent level of discipline. Sticking to the plan Three times  this week I had Panera breakfast sandwiches with double the eggs, throw away the bread. Salads for lunch, and meat and veggies for dinner. I controlled my portions okay. I got bumped to first class twice but stuck with either red wine or gin and tonics. I did dodge a bullet -  was in Florida but got out of town before Chip got me on the martini roller coaster. One of the keys to staying on the program is that when I do have a transgression, I blame it on somebody else. So if I had drank too much Read More >

Two Eggs a Day – End of Week One >

On 01.28.2011 by Jay Berglind

Sunday through Wednesday went pretty well. Meals were good and what little snacking I did involved fruit and nuts. My portions at dinner are good, but are starting to fall below Fred Flintstone levels... EXCEPT a couple of chocolate truffles at work late in the day Tuesday. Dense, rich, complex. Truly, evilly, spectacular. I’ll post the name of the manufacturer if you aren’t good. There’s an unopened box in our office; let’s see how long I last. Here’s the scale Wednesday morning. Sorry for the resolution – it was 4 am and the house was dark and I am not so good with my camera phone. Six pounds down. Not bad for a holiday week; admittedly still working to burn off the effects of the Read More >

Two Safe Eggs a Day – Day Four >

On 01.22.2011 by Jay Berglind

Stayed with the program okay for a hangover day. I had brined a brisket and made pastrami. It was delicious. Not quite as good as Katz's in NYC but it was only my second try. What I lack in expertise can be made up for in portion, so I took two pieces of rye bread  and sauerkraut (delicious and legal) and made a reuben that was bigger than a cat. The rye bread was one transgression;  I also drank two beers - father's little helper - to get me past the night before. I rode the stationary bike for a half hour at a speed slightly higher than reverse. You have to start somewhere.

Two Safe Eggs a Day – Day Three >

On 01.21.2011 by Jay Berglind

New Year’s Eve and I hosted a party for about 20 people. I love to taste as I cook and because I was making a lot of tasty things, I knew I needed some help. First thing in the morning, I took a Safest Choice egg and whipped it with a fork into some kefir. I was in the kitchen cooking all morning but didn’t feel hungry and didn’t snack. Early afternoon I was so busy I just had another pasteurized egg mini shake. And I never snacked. I had a single, regular human size portion of most of what I cooked (Food porn section: Top sirloin in a mushroom reduction, garlic feta mashed potatoes, artichoke and sun dried tomato salad, tortelloni quick fried in Read More >

Two Safe Eggs a Day – Day Two >

On 01.21.2011 by Jay Berglind

I forgot to mention that I will be posting my weight on a weekly basis. Monitoring your weight daily leads to an unseemly metabolic fixation, if you know what I mean. Exactly one day into the program, I backslid a little. A few of us from work went out for a sort of New Year’s Eve Eve Event, since we were off the next day. I limited it to two Guinness stouts, which I justify by Guinness being lower in carbs than other beers. And an Irish car bomb which I cannot justify, rationalize, defend nor explain. Nick’s idea. Bad Nick. Otherwise, stayed on the program: in the morning whipped a raw egg into kefir (sort of a white trash protein shake) in the morning, hard boiled Read More >

Two Safe Eggs a Day – A Weight Loss Journey >

On 01.19.2011 by Jay Berglind

The beginning Things have gotten out of hand recently. I’ve gained a lot of weight recently. I know because my pants hurt. I just came back from five days in Mexico at an all-inclusive resort which meant it was all-you-can-eat. However it deteriorated into something like all-and-more-than-anyone-anywhere-has-ever-eaten, washed down with Pina Coladas. Laying on the beach the last day I was a little concerned some whale lovers were going to come along and try drag me back in to the water. The great blowing up started with  an egg recall in August and we got crazy busy. Chasing opportunities, I was flying all over the place, ruminating my way through airports, eating a lot of room service. Working longer hours and getting up early, I Read More >