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Pumpkin Waffle Thanksgiving Leftover Breakfast Sandwiches

I’m honestly not sure which is better, Thanksgiving Day itself or the days following when your fridge is packed to the gills with leftovers and you know you don’t have to cook for at least a week. My husband hates leftovers. I, however, think they’re pretty much the best thing ever and you can bet there have been many arguments over this in the past eight years we’ve been married. He sees a skillet full of dinner and thinks “must finish�? (say that in a caveman voice for the full effect). I see a skillet full of dinner and think “sweet, there’s at least one serving for leftovers!�?

Thankfully, when it comes to Thanksgiving, no matter how hard he tries, there’s just no way possible he can eat everything on the table and avoid the leftover predicament.

I win.

The trick to not getting bored when it comes to the aftermath of Thanksgiving is creating new meals with the leftovers. Don’t just recreate Thanksgiving dinner on your plate for the next 10 meals. Use the food as ingredients for a new dish. Thanksgiving leftover waffle sandwiches 2 And when it comes to breakfast, I highly recommend these pumpkin waffle breakfast sandwiches. They’re loaded with leftover mashed potatoes, turkey and cranberry sauce and then topped with a perfectly runny fried egg. Even leftover haters will love this one. Thanksgiving leftover waffle sandwiches 3