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Tips for Healthy Snacking

Snacking can be the key to a healthy diet when done properly. But according to the USDA, the average snack for U.S. adults tends to have higher proportions of carbs and total sugars than beneficial nutrients such as protein and fiber.

What to look for in a healthy snack

The best snacks are those that fill you up quickly, keep you feeling full until mealtime, and add relatively few calories to your daily total. When picking a snack, aim for something that follows these simple criteria:

  • Few calories. Most fruits and vegetables are low in calories. Even when you eat a portion that satisfies your hunger, the calorie count is low.
  • High in protein. Quality protein can increase satiety, help manage weight, and prevent chronic disease.
  • Lots of fiber. Fiber digests slowly, so it fills you up and helps you stay satisfied longer.
  • Lots of nutrients. Fruits and vegetables provide vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial nutrients like antioxidants.


Eggs—a healthy anytime snack

Eggs are a tasty and healthy snack any time of day. They’re high in protein and loaded with other nutrients such as omega-3s, folate, and vitamins D and B. Check out these egg nutrition facts to see all the ways eggs are a quality snacking option.

Save time and add flavor—prep tips and egg recipes

Healthy snacking involves some planning, so here are some tips and egg recipes to help you make sense of snacking right:

  • Prepare smoothie bags and store them in the freezer for a quick snack packed with fruits and veggies. Try our blueberry green smoothie recipe for a flavor and nutrition powerhouse on the go.
  • Have a handful of mixed nuts when hungry, which will help soothe any hunger urge.
  • Keep your kitchen stocked with fresh vegetables. Wash and slice carrots, celery, and peppers as soon as you bring them home so they are ready for snacking. This safe homemade ranch dressing recipe is the perfect complement to your ready-to-eat veggie snacks.
  • Prepare snacks in the evening for the next day. Try making this quick and light hummus deviled eggs recipe to spice up your hard-boiled eggs.
  • Try a variety of herbs, spices, or dips to make your fruits and vegetables more interesting. Our light Devonshire cream sauce for fresh fruit recipe goes great with apple slices, berries, grapes, or bananas. Give your mid-morning snack a kick by adding cilantro to this egg & avocado toast recipe.

The secret to heathy eating is planning ahead. With just 10 minutes of prep and planning you can ensure snacking success!