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Tuesday’s Ten: Valentine’s Day Dessert Ideas

Happy Valentine’s Day! We have decided to start something new today. One Tuesday a month we will round up ten of our favorite things. To celebrate today’s holiday we put together a list of romantic dessert ideas from some very talented bloggers. Each recipe idea would be perfect to share with your loved one on this special day. Some have chocolate, others call for fresh berries and of course they all contain eggs.

Number 10: Buttermilk Poppyseed Cake with Crème Fraiche Frosting

The presentation of this dessert is simply stunning and it would be great for any Valentine’s get together. Food blogger, Simone Anne, sure knows how to combine flavors and take beautiful photographs, doesn’t she?

Buttermilk Poppyseed Cake from Simone Anne

Number 9: Sweetheart Sandwich Cookies

With chocolate and mint how could you go wrong? These Sweetheart Sandwiches from the book, The Cereal Murders, by Diane Mott Davidson were shared on the blog Life Happenings and Fun on the Farm. We especially like the cookies shaped like hearts. Too cute.

Number 8: Creme Caramel

Christine, of Christine’s Recipes, has a husband who loves eggs. (He sounds like our kind of guy!) So she made a dessert using lots them for her Valentine. This Creme Caramel recipe would be great for those that aren’t big fans of chocolate.

Number 7: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles

Emily of the Sugar Plum Blog offers a great recipe using Safest Choice eggs. This recipe is a perfect Valentine’s treat for someone who loves raw chocolate chip cookie dough. The truffles would also be cute packaged as a gift.

Number 6: Cappuccino Cupcakes

All Day I Dream About Food’s recipe for Cappuccino Cupcakes is a must make for the coffee lover in your life. Who wouldn’t love to eat one (or maybe two) of these cupcakes that taste like the favorite morning beverage? This recipe is low-carb and gluten free too!

Cappuccino Cupcakes

 Number 7: Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake

Mousse is one of our favorite desserts and this mousse cake from Cook Like a Champion takes it to another level. The end result is so lovely your sweetheart will think you spent all day preparing it.

Number 5: Easy Chocolate Mousse

No one wants to spend tonight in the kitchen, so whip up this easy chocolate mousse recipe from The Comfort of Cooking. We like Georgia’s advice to go for high quality ingredients. After all, it’s for your special someone. Added bonus? This dessert needs time to chill, so make it before you head out to dinner and return home to a romantic homemade dessert!

Number 4: Raspberry Rose and Pistachio Pavlova

Wow, how could you not want to make this recipe from The Kitchy Kitchen on Valentine’s Day? Pavlova may be something your sweetheart has never experienced, although Claire Thomas’s Australian mother made them for her all the time growing up. Just watch the beautiful video she included in her post to see her awesome pavlova skills.

Number 3: Meringues on Warm Vanilla Bean Custard with Raspberries

It almost seems like Jenny Steffens Hobick, writer of the Everyday Occasions blog, had Safest Choice in mind when creating this Valentine’s Day recipe. Meringues and custard? We’re there! She whipped up egg whites, artfully shaped meringues into hearts, and then skillfully used the egg yolks for a vanilla bean custard. The end result is oh-so romantic.

Number 2: Puff Pastry with Sabayon Custard and Strawberries

This perfect Valentine’s recipe comes from Foodie Crush, which is appropriate since we’re currently crushing on this online magazine. You can’t go wrong with this simple dessert that calls for puff pastry and a quick sabayon custard sauce. After you check out the recipe make sure to download the first online issue of Foodie Crush here.

Number 1: Tiramisὺ

Just like the sabayon and mousse recipes, Tiramisὺ calls for raw eggs. In fact, Adri Barr of the blog The Front Burner, avoided making his Tiramisὺ recipe for awhile because of the worry with raw eggs. Now he is back to making this delicious dessert and so should you this Valentine’s Day.