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Two Safe Eggs a Day – End of Week Two

Two pounds down. Pants no longer hurt. I am having an egg whipped into orange juice every morning. This wasn’t part of the plan (I figured I would cook the eggs or make a protein shake) but it is so easy and the taste doesn’t even require getting used to.

My go-to meals

Safest Choice eggs don’t have any off flavors because the pasteurization process destroys spoilage bacteria. Please try it. As long as you whip the egg good with a fork you won’t have the dreaded oyster effect. Of course, it has to be a pasteurized egg.

I’m now bored with salads, but have discovered a lunch alternative: soups in those aseptic cartons, my current favorite’s are from Pacific Natural Foods.

The carton contains four servings, but at 90 calories per serving I am calling bs and eating the whole thing. The sodium is high and if I ate this every day I’d turn into jerky.

Didn’t exactly kill myself with exercise this week – walked once on a treadmill, twice rode the exercise bike. But I am finding I already  go longer on each so I guess that’s a win.

What about my cholesterol?

By now I am sure you have said to yourself ‘Jeez Jay, what about cholesterol?�?  Maybe you said it out loud. Maybe you said it out loud in a public place. I bet you felt kind of foolish.

I am going to bring in a health expert soon to tell evaluate my new diet and inform us on why you shouldn’t worry about your cholesterol on this program. But before I do, three points:

  • With rare exceptions, diet doesn’t have that much impact on a person’s cholesterol
  • The cholesterol in eggs is mostly good for you,  the yolk is where a lot of the nutrition is and I think the fat helps with satiety (repeat after me: fat doesn’t make you fat; stored carbohydrates make you fat).
  • I am  using this as a means to an end – once I stop eating like a wolverine, I can reduce egg consumption.
    End of week two weight: 271 lbs