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Two Safe Eggs a Day – End of Week Seven

Lingering around the two pounds a week mark which is a rate I kinda feel good about. Half a year, half a person.

What’s going on during week seven?

•  Reduced alcohol intake considerably. It feels weird sitting in first class and not having a drink – I mean an upgrade is something to celebrate – and even the flight attendants think it’s a little odd. Enablers.

Trying to avoid these

•  The early part of the day is great but late in the day I struggle. Around 4 p.m. I am looking for something to eat and fruit won’t do. I was eating trail mix but eating kilos of it. So I need a better solution.

•  And after dinner I crave something either alcoholic or sweet or starchy. I think this is just a habit so I am going to try and tough this one out. It does take three weeks to start a new habit.

•  Exercise increasing incrementally.

I have some recent sins I will share next week.

Week seven weigh in: 266 lbs