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Two Safe Eggs a Day: End of Week Eight

So, two months down and 15 pounds gone. I have generally fallen below 2 pounds a week but this week I feel like I got away with something. And whatever that something was, it smelled like garlic.

Dining out during week eight

First we had a board meeting and a dinner the night before. We went to Greek Town where the meal was okay – the lamb chops were good for mutton – but I got reacquainted with my old friend skordalia, a Greek staple that is whipped potato with garlic spread, but that description doesn’t do it justice. The ratio of garlic to starch is such that it is almost hot in your mouth. As long as everyone at the table eats it, it’s fine because within twenty minutes you are sharing it out your pores.

Garlic overload

I had a few glasses of Boutari and was coerced, I swear, into some Ouzo. Which for me is generally: ick. The sugar/alcohol mix doesn’t work for me most of the time and I don’t know if it’s my disciplined ways of late have reduced my tolerance, but I felt like crap the next day. I even ate some pizza to soak up the toxic pool in my gut, knowing pizza is streng verboten by the rules

Then Friday night, wife being out of town, my youngest son and I went to a great restaurant called Gaetanos in Forest Park, IL. Wonderful meal. Boar stew. Cheese stuffed flowers of zucchini. Stuffed mushrooms. Add a couple of martinis…regardless of the consequences I’d do it all over again.  I can’t wait to go back to that restaurant.

My son also had escargot for the first time this weekend. He was a little hesitant but by the end he wanted to drink the garlic juice out of the cups. I told him that would be extremely rude and handed him a straw.

Week 8 weigh in: 264 lbs