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Two Safe Eggs a Day – A Weight Loss Journey

The beginning

Things have gotten out of hand recently. I’ve gained a lot of weight recently. I know because my pants hurt. I just came back from five days in Mexico at an all-inclusive resort which meant it was all-you-can-eat. However it deteriorated into something like all-and-more-than-anyone-anywhere-has-ever-eaten, washed down with Pina Coladas. Laying on the beach the last day I was a little concerned some whale lovers were going to come along and try drag me back in to the water.

The great blowing up started with  an egg recall in August and we got crazy busy. Chasing opportunities, I was flying all over the place, ruminating my way through airports, eating a lot of room service. Working longer hours and getting up early, I upped my caffeine intake through sodas. Workouts went right out the window. French fries became commonplace.

Then the holidays came, and along with them constant exposure to excellent food. Being a foodservice professional, I felt obligated to sample and then inevitably gorge on the offerings. And then Mexico… Here is what it says on my scale:

Start weight: 279 lbs

In my defense that scale reads more than the one at the doctor’s office. Also I’m tall. But I am not 7 foot 3 tall. In any case I have gained between 13 and twenty pounds in about a year. I am also having trouble sleeping and have little energy.

Losing weight, changing your habits

So I need a program. Taking  stuff I’ve read recently about how complete proteins can help you feel satisfied, I am going to develop some  rules that will help me lose weight.  I’ll need a complete protein – like an egg? – in conjunction with a low carb diet. My theory is to reduce carb intake for weight loss in the short term but also, for  the longer term, teach myself to eat less through smaller portions.

Here is the program:

  • One egg first thing in the morning with juice.
  • two caffeinated coffees max; additional decaf okay.
  • A piece of fruit mid morning.
  • An egg, late morning.
  • A soup or salad for lunch, with water.
  • A piece of fruit in the afternoon with, if needed a small handful of nuts.
  • 8 oz of meat or fish with vegetables and beans for dinner.

I’ll be posting regularly  to explain more and what I discover and how I succeed but also when I cheat and how I fail.