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White Chocolate Candy Corn Blondies

As soon as the calendar turns to October, Halloween is the first thing that crosses my mind.  While it may not have the massive meal of Thanksgiving or the presents of Christmas, it does have one of my favorite things: candy.  I’m obsessed with candy, and candy corn is one of my favorite treats.  As soon as the stores are stocked with Halloween candy, I pile bags of candy corn into my shopping cart to stock up until the next Halloween rolls around.  Candy corn is tasty eaten as is, but when added to blondie batter and baked, it’s even better.

I’m also allergic to chocolate, which makes my love of candy corn even more prominent.  Many typical blondies are made with a form of cookie dough but served in bar form and don’t even come close to the gooey texture of their brownie counterparts.  These blondies can certainly be delicious, but I was looking for something much more brownie like.

White Chocolate Candy Corn Blondies

Instead of that traditional batter, I made these White Chocolate Candy Corn Blondies like brownies but with white baking chips, which do not contain any cocoa or cocoa butter, instead of actual chocolate.  Though I use Safest Choice Eggs in all of my baked goods, they are especially important in blondies.  Blondies are only tasty if they are underbaked, leaving that gooey center.  By using pasteurized eggs, I can eat blondies with no worries.

Another one of my favorite parts about baking is tasting the batter.  I can’t imagine doing that without Safest Choice Eggs, and baking just wouldn’t be the same without tasting raw blondie or cookie dough, as sometimes it tastes even better than the baked product.

White Chocolate Candy Corn Blondies batter

While the dough for these blondies is certainly delicious, the end product is equally so.  The traditional crunchy, glossy blondie top covers moist, rich vanilla flavored blondie that rivals any brownie.  Orange specks of candy corn are visible throughout though most sinks to the bottom, creating the chewiest, most delectable bottom crust.  These are a treat that will fly off the table at any Halloween party! Check out the full White Chocolate Candy Corn Blondies recipe here.