Manage your risk—and your reputation.

Eliminate the risk of egg-related Salmonella illness. read more

It's the smart menu upgrade.

Smart foodservice executives choose Safest Choice™ pasteurized eggs. read more

Comply with the FDA Food Code.

Pasteurized eggs are not a PHF (TCS). read more

It's a matter of smart business.

Serve up value and profitability. read more

Chosen by top chefs for culinary performance.

Safest Choice™ pasteurized eggs earned the ACF Seal. read more

Discover the benefits of Safest Choice™ Eggs

Safest Choice™ Pasteurized Shell Eggs for...

  • Restaurants

    Expand your culinary possibilities to include recipes that require raw or undercooked eggs – and keep every guest safe. Read more >

  • Hospitality

    Every operation, venue, or function exposed to Salmonella represents a risk to all the revenue at the property as well as its reputation. Read more >

  • Campus Dining

    Safest Choice™ pasteurized shell eggs provide Salmonella risk-free assurance to
    C&U foodservice administrators across the country. Read more >

  • Healthcare

    Healthcare foodservice operators choose Safest Choice™ pasteurized shell eggs for healthcare initiatives such as room service and culture change. Read more >

  • Business & Industry

    The relationship non-commercial foodservice operators have with their diners is about trust. Safest Choice™ pasteurized shell eggs keep diners safe. Read more >

  • Military

    A single egg can introduce Salmonella to an entire foodservice kitchen – and can destroy operational efficiency and overall readiness. Read more >

  • Retail Foodservice

    Retail Foodservice is a growing area within Healthcare, B&I, Colleges & Universities, and cafés, where foodservice consumers are able to use "grab 'n' go".
    Read more >

Peanuts are food allergies
5 Things You May Not Know About Food Allergies

Food allergies affect more than 15 million Americans. Maybe you or people you know are among the vigilant—reading food labels, and talking through precautions with folks at your favorite school or restaurant. Here are some lesser-known nuggets about food allergies. Read more >.

Fried Egg Sandwich
Eggs: Safe from Avian Flu?

Do news reports about outbreaks of avian flu or "bird flu" have you wondering? Recent news of avian flu findings in North America began appearing in December, 2014. According to Agri-Pulse (April 23, 2015), "The H5N2 strain of avian influenza was first confirmed in January in the Pacific Northwest and has since spread to the Midwest, and recently to Iowa, the nation's top egg-producing state." Read More >

Free CE

RDNs, DTRs, Certified Chefs, and CDM, CFPPs: National Pasteurized Eggs is pleased to offer you self-study CE programs—free and online! Four of our programs are also approved for NEHA and California REHS.

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