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RDNs, DTRs, Certified Chefs, and CDM, CFPPs: National Pasteurized Eggs is pleased to offer you self-study CE programs — free and online! Four of our programs are approved for California REHS. Three of our programs are also approved for NEHA.

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Allergy Awareness

What is the difference between a food allergy and a food sensitivity? Why is there such heightened awareness of allergies and sensitivities today? In this program, learn the answers to these questions along with the Big 8 food allergens in the U.S. (and beyond), methods of diagnosing allergies, and current treatment research for food allergies. Approved for 2 hrs of continuing education by ACF, CBDM (sanitation CE), and CDPH (California REHS). Applied for NEHA continuing credit education. Take the free program >

Protein Nutrition & Egg Chemistry

Protein is critical to health in all stages of life. Do you ever wonder why? In this program, you'll discover the role of protein in the diet, the chemical composition of protein, and the effect cooking has on protein molecules. Approved for 1 hr of continuing education by ACF, CBDM, and the CDR. Take the free program >

Kitchen Science: Culinary Techniques

Are you frustrated by curdling in eggs? Want to learn techniques for preventing it? This program explores the science behind egg cookery and offers you techniques for avoiding tricky culinary situations. Take the course to earn 1 hr of continuing education. Approved by ACF, CBDM, and the CDR. Take the free program >

Cross Contamination Action Ideas

This course addresses common foodservice practices that lead to foodborne illnesses. Discover how cross contamination is a contributing factor to foodborne illnesses, where the trouble spots are in both commercial and home kitchens, and action steps you can take to safeguard your clients today. Take the course and earn 1 hr continuing education. Approved by ACF, CBDM (sanitation CE), CDR, CDPH (California REHS), and NEHA. Take the free program >

Foodborne Illness: The Fork Stops Here!

Trying to make sense of food recalls and foodborne illness outbreaks? This program gives you background on key trends in food safety. See current facts and figures, and dig into the details behind topics such as emerging pathogens and antibiotic resistance! Take the course and earn 2 hrs continuing education. Approved by ACF, CBDM (sanitation CE), CDR, CDPH (California REHS), and NEHA. Take the free program >

Food Preservation Techniques

Are you mystified by food preservation terms and technologies? Want to know what nanoparticles are, or why acidulants are added to processed foods? Enjoy this overview of food preservation. Take the course and earn 1 hr continuing education. Approved by ACF, CBDM (sanitation CE), CDR, CDPH (California REHS), and NEHA. Take the free program >

CE reporting is easy!

  • RDNs, DTRs, REHSs, Certified Chefs, and CDM, CFPPs—print a certificate of attendance and log your activity.
  • California REHSs—complete the online form at the end of the review questions.

These programs are approved by ACF, CBDM, and CDR. Three of these programs are also approved by NEHA. Four of these programs are approved by CDPH. National Pasteurized Eggs is a CPE Accredited Provider.

Safest Choice™ Pasteurized Shell Eggs for...

  • Restaurants

    Expand your culinary possibilities to include recipes that require raw or undercooked eggs – and keep every guest safe. Read more >

  • Hospitality

    Every operation, venue, or function exposed to Salmonella represents a risk to all the revenue at the property as well as its reputation. Read more >

  • Campus Dining

    Safest Choice™ pasteurized shell eggs provide Salmonella risk-free assurance to
    C&U foodservice administrators across the country. Read more >

  • Healthcare

    Healthcare foodservice operators choose Safest Choice™ pasteurized shell eggs for healthcare initiatives such as room service and culture change. Read more >

  • Business & Industry

    The relationship non-commercial foodservice operators have with their diners is about trust. Safest Choice™ pasteurized shell eggs keep diners safe. Read more >

  • Military

    A single egg can introduce Salmonella to an entire foodservice kitchen – and can destroy operational efficiency and overall readiness. Read more >

  • Retail Foodservice

    Retail Foodservice is a growing area within Healthcare, B&I, Colleges & Universities, and cafés, where foodservice consumers are able to use "grab 'n' go".
    Read more >

Free Food Safety Inservice

Food safety starts on the farm, works its way through food processing & distribution… and then finds its way to those who cook and serve food. About 7 of every 10 of foodborne illnesses are linked to food we eat away from home. Download a free inservice for training your foodservice employees about farm-to-fork food safety.