Connect with Us: Foodservice RDNs & Health Professionals

RDNs &
Health Professionals

If you are a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), Diet Technician - Registered (DTR), Certified Dietary Manager (CDM, CFPP) or other health professional, your clients count on you for sound advice about nutrition and food safety.

Diabetes Educators

For patients asking about diabetes and cholesterol, see our free PDF handout, Safe Eggs & Healthy Eating with Diabetes, it includes updated cholesterol recommendations and diabetes friendly recipes.

Supermarket RDNs

Safest ChoiceTM offers ideas and resources for planning your in-store events and written newsletters under our Health Promotion Dates tab. Please reach out for ideas on how to partner with Safe Eggs.

Clinical RDNs

Discover the special benefits of Safest ChoiceTM Pasteurized Eggs for every stage of life by exploring our Nutrition References and Educational Resources. We also offer many hours of free CEUs.

Wellness Educators

Promote health and wellness with this simple nutritional choice: Safest Choice™ Pasteurized Eggs. We invite you to explore free Eggs: Nutrition for Life handouts in our Educational Resources section and our Light and Healthy recipes.

Sports RDNs

Where can you get high quality protein with the convenience factor? Safest ChoiceTM Pasteurized Eggs add protein to smoothies, salads, and much more. See the Eggs: Nutrition & Wellness Backgrounder for ideas.

Foodservice RDNs

From egg safety to egg HACCP plans to foodservice recipes, the foodservice website offers a wealth of free resources for RDNs in foodservice. Discover food safety inservices and free CE, too.

Certified Dietary Managers

We invite you to explore a wealth of resources on our foodservice website, including food safety inservices, foodservice recipes, and information about CMS and regulatory compliance. Our free CE programs are approved for CDM, CFPPs, too.

Consulting RDNs - LTC

Enjoy the food-safe peace of mind you get from pasteurized shell eggs. They're the perfect ingredient for LTC Culture Change initiatives, too. Visit our foodservice website for food safety inservices to help in your consulting practice.