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Children under 10

Kids love to be in the kitchen. It's where Mom is and it's where the cookie dough is. But kids are less likely to wash their hands and are at greater risk when exposed to foodborne illness.

Children & Salmonella

The risk for contracting Salmonella is greatest for children under 10. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines children and infants as being "highly susceptible" to foodborne illness such as Salmonella, meaning they may become sick more easily. What's worse, children are likely to become more ill if they contract food poisoning, according to the FDA Bad Bug Book.

The solution? Safeguard your kids by eliminating the Salmonella risk in eggs. Davidson's Safest Choice® pasteurized eggs are pasteurized to eliminate the risk of Salmonella in eggs before the eggs even enter your kitchen. Find them in a store near you!

Grocery shopping & food safety for your kids

When you go grocery shopping, consider these food safety tips:

  • Read food labels. Make sure food is not past its "sell by" date. (Germs grow in food over time. This makes timeliness a powerful food safety technique!)
  • Check for clean conditions wherever you shop.
  • If you are buying perishable foods (like meat, cheese, dairy products, and eggs), buy them only from a refrigerated display case.
  • Buy only pasteurized milk, cheese, and dairy products. Pasteurization is simply a heat process that destroys bacteria and other types of germs.
  • Love fresh eggs? Choose Davidson's™ pasteurized eggs. As with dairy products, these eggs are pasteurized to eliminate bacteria. It's a simple step you can take towards ensuring food safety.
  • When you get home, put refrigerated and frozen foods away promptly.